Our team approaches our clientís financial statements with a solid knowledge of our clientís business practices, operations, and industrial sector. We have an in-depth understanding of evolving accounting practices and changes in the regulatory environment. We provide an integrated plan that allows identification of new and emerging risks, and assesses the effectiveness of your internal controls.

Our audit assurance planning assesses the risk of material misstatement, based on factors inherent in the organization, knowledge that we may have of the operations and the concerns of management.

We obtain a general understanding of the control environment for each material transaction type, including main transaction streams and the significant accounting procedures and policies, and managementís attention to control issues.

Analytical review procedures are used, consisting of analysis and comparison of figures, trends and ratios that are related to particular account balances and specific risks.

Management defined accounting policies are assessed for appropriateness.  Substantive tests of account balances are used to confirm that transactions are accounted for in accordance with these accounting policies, material assumptions used to determine significant estimates are both data-supported and reasonable. 

We make an evaluation of the overall presentation of the financial statements that they are fairly presented in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for private enterprises.

Our review assurance plan primarily consists of enquiry, analytical procedures and discussion related to information supplied to us by management.

Our audit or review level assurance report to the shareholders is provided in accordance with Canadian Auditing or Generally Accepted Review Standards.